For the last 20 years, technological advancements in the field of computers has grown exponentially, yet we find ourselves with a severe lack of qualified individuals when it comes to programming and deeply understanding the nature of these complex machines. Organizations such as have been working to remedy this situation and the latest stop on their conferencing tour was to provide knowledge and training to Michigan area teachers held here in Grand Rapids. This marks a significant step in providing teachers the means to better prepare students of tomorrow for greater advancements to come in our future.

Just about every student across the Grand Rapids area is familiar with a computer, how to start it, what to do with it once it’s running, and even some on how to deal with situations when those computers fail. The list of individuals though who understand what’s going on behind the surface though, is sorely lacking, not only in the Grand Rapids area but across the country as a whole. This has lead to technological companies finding themselves short on potential staffing and opening up the field to many more job advancements in the future. Job security being the fear of many, having a field as wide open as this can promote a more stable future.

By bringing this information to the teachers, allowing them to translate it to their students, we have the capability to reach almost every individual of school age within the state of Michigan. This is great for a number of reasons, as we all know the state has always been well known for industrial work, car manufacturing, and other skilled trades of that nature, yet we frequently sit by and watch as many of these jobs come to a close or are shipped to locations that are more cost-effective. This can leave the future bleak, turning our future generations to other locations in order to accomplish their life goals.

Demonstrating to the youth of today that there is a future with in the Grand Rapids area, with job security, higher rates of pay, and the capability to assist in the growth of the city they come to know as home, can be beneficial not only to the residents of the city, but to the city itself. We understand that the future lies in technology, that the capability to work with in and around computers is becoming more important as every year passes, and by setting a statewide example here at our Grand Rapids home, we have the ability to transform what the state of Michigan is known for.

It may be far-reaching in thought, but we know that every member of the Grand Rapids community has investment within the city, both in terms of time and emotion, and having the capability to do something proactive in order to benefit the future is something that we can only look upon with positivity. It may start with learning how to program, but it can end with reprogramming the entire state of Michigan.