One of the constant gripes that we hear of along the slow prod of progression is that the smaller businesses have been falling on to the wayside in favor of larger, corporate interests. Nowhere is this more apparent then when you take a look at where many mom-and-pop shops used to be along the Grand Rapids main roads, replaced with familiar logos and slogans that have homogenized the look of many cities across the country. If you’re looking to break that tradition though and to bring back the days of supporting smaller, local businesses, living in the Grand Rapids area provides you with a wealth of possibility as smaller businesses are starting to gain traction across the city.

The benefits of supporting smaller, local business is that we keep more within the city of Grand Rapids and provide a means for those looking to make a living to pursue what they’re most passionate about. One of the downfalls of this particular approach though is that large corporate businesses bring with them a large number of jobs, and the possibility for advancement of possibly hundreds of local residents, versus the dozen-or-so that are required to run a smaller locally-owned establishment. As we have hundreds of major brands to choose from though, we feel that the benefits outweigh the risks in this case, as we need to do more in order to support local growth, and progression from the inside out.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, furnishing, food or otherwise, there is a myriad of local options available to you no matter what your particular tastes are. From small home furnishing businesses, to restaurants that have been in the family for generations, taking the time out to support a locally owned and operated business is not only good for that business, but for the city of Grand Rapids as a whole as those who may be less confident in moving forward with an investment venture in the city, maybe more inclined to keep their business here and to support the local community. On top of that, the experience is something that simply can’t be matched in a big box establishment.

We believe that these businesses, and more importantly those that operate them are representative of the values and goals of local Grand Rapids residents. putting themselves on display and demonstrating to both those who live within the city and those who are visiting the level of caring confidence that we put behind almost everything we do. If you’ve been looking for a means to step away from far-reaching corporate interests, and to turn your attention a little closer to home, then making the choice to stop by any of these shops in order to support our local community is something that will generate waves that touch everybody within the city of Grand Rapids. Which only works to strengthen the community as a whole, to support our local residents and to demonstrate that you don’t need a worldwide appeal in order to appeal to tastes of all kinds.