Grand Rapids has always been known as a welcoming in friendly area, and when it comes to translating that approach to customer service, our local Chrysler car dealership has been awarded the FCA Customer First Award for Excellence for the second year in a row. Not only does this demonstrate the quality of the businesses within the city, but more importantly, the real men and women who drive sales across Michigan when it comes to providing excellent customer services. Being a two-time winner of this particular award only serves to drive home the fact that the best customer service in the state, resides within Grand Rapids.

This of course, is great news for anybody looking to buy a vehicle in the Grand Rapids area, whether you’re a current resident, or coming into the city in order to make your next major purchase. Choosing to bring your patronage here will not only provide you with the perfect vehicle for your needs but do so in a way that is reflective of the city of Grand Rapids as a whole, as you have access to customer service that is now twice nationally recognized. Though this may be reflective to the business itself, this approach to customer service is something that Grand Rapids is already known for in general.

One of the biggest draws to any business looking to set up shop in the Grand Rapids area, is the access available to staffing that will elevate the appeal of any company. Since Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has brought their sales to the Grand Rapids area, we have only proven to grow, and to be a local source of locally-made vehicles. This recognition provides major draw to other companies looking for equality place to bring their business, which can only serve to improve the options that Grand Rapids brings to the entire state.

Not only does this provide us with a source of local pride, but also serves the future of the city, as we become a more appealing location for future growth within the city. By establishing ourselves as one of the leading sources of customer service within the state of Michigan, it can open up new endeavors for businesses looking for a place to land in the future, providing even more opportunity for those within the city to demonstrate the characteristics of our local population that we are already well aware of.

It can be easy to believe that something as simple as recognition for quality customer service may not lead very far, but when it comes to building and establishing relationships with new clientele, the face that represents your company will always be the most important. This means having the best possible Staffing Solutions for your business, and with two years of recognition behind us, you can be sure that more and more businesses will be taking notice and taking Grand Rapids into consideration when it comes to further relocation or expansion.