The methods in which we learn have been capable yet haven’t changed much over the span of hundreds of years. We all have a basic grasp of our reading, writing, and arithmetic, yet the amount of unused knowledge that we pick up in school, combined with the amount of useful knowledge that we don’t, has led many sources of education to look for new and interesting means in which to prepare our future generations for life to come outside of their school careers. One such location in the Grand Rapids area is Museum High School, and the endeavors they have pursued have paid off big-time.

The local school has just received a $10 million grant in which two make structural improvements, as well as to resupply both staff and school organizers in order to take their previously established method of teaching and bring it to an entirely new level. This grant has been donated due to the school’s unique approach when it comes to teaching, combining the artifacts that are within the museum, with the standard school instruction that one would expect in your average high school in the Grand Rapids area.

By using a combination of the tangible with the theoretical, the school has had the capability to approach education from a unique perspective, and to give students within a different type of learning experience, which many of those who have graduated from the program have attributed to having a better understanding of both the learning they have gone through, and the expectations they have upon entering adult life. Whether that’s in terms of going into college, or directly into work, seeing confident young graduates taking a step out of the classroom and something that we can all get behind.

Not only are we proud of the steps our local schools have taken to disrupt the status quo, but we are also highly interested in seeing what this grant is capable of delivering to an already exceptional learning experience. Whether this means establishing the building as a means of being able to support itself over the course of many more decades to come, or to further their capabilities when it comes to the grades being talk within the location as it’s currently capped at Grade 8. Whatever the future brings we are excited for the possibilities that are laid out due to this financial boost.

If you have a child who is already a student in this location, we can fairly assume that you are more than likely pretty excited yourself, and for those who have been looking into the program and wondering whether or not it’s the right fit for your child, this could be the boost needed in order to make that choice in confidence. No matter what the future brings to both Grand Rapids education, and Museum High School itself, we know that from this point forward things will be a little different, and perhaps our students will be a little more excited to get up and head to class in the morning.