Many of us have been paying close attention to the advancements in autonomous vehicles across the country over the last decade, and though we may still be a while off before any of these innovations become daily experiences, there is still a lot of interest in how this technology will reshape the cities around us. The Ford Motor Company seems especially interested as they have been opening up to various ideas through a platform called the Cities of Tomorrow. With attempting to get a better understanding for what autonomous vehicles will bring to cities across the U.S., this is a great way to allow your imagination to run wild.

There’s no denying that the inclusion of vehicles that have the capability to drive themselves are going to disrupt the natural flow of things that we have gotten used to over the last few decades of vehicles being a major presence on our streets. The capabilities for things to drastically change even across our own main streets are vast and varied, and those with an eye on the future when it comes to vehicular transportation are interested to see what we envision as shortcomings and benefits, both in terms of the driving experience and navigating the city through other means with self-driving cars on the road.

This not only provides you with the means to take a look into the future and see how you believe it will affect you, but the Ford Motor Company is going even further in offering up to $100,000 in total prize money to those with the most sensible and comprehensible visions of how everyday life will be affected in terms of future transportation, whether by vehicle or by foot. This means that just about anybody has the capability to put their hat in the ring in order to take a crack at both the prize money, and the recognition that comes with having your finger on the pulse of the future.

It’s great to see that our local car manufacturers aren’t simply waving off the possibilities of these upcoming features, but rather embracing the unknown and trying to get a better idea. As well, it’s good to see companies responsible for cars and trucks to take a look at how impactful future endeavors will be on those who don’t rely on those items as their main source of transportation. This not only brings their companies more in line with the average person but shows that they are genuinely interested in understanding how our lives as a whole will be affected.

Whether you believe you already know how the future is going to turn out or are inclined to notice trends when it comes to engineering, architecture, and how the city works in general, making the choice to put your ideas forward cannot only provide you with a victory, but also put ideas into the hands of those who are in charge of assisting in this forward progression. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see what everyone’s vision of tomorrow will be.