The World Food Travel Association has been recognizing excellence in food experiences across the world since 2015 and Grand Rapids now proudly boasts a win as one of the top sources in food and culinary experience in their latest picks. Everything from wine experiences, to food travel journalists, the World Food Travel Association looks into every aspect of offerings within an area, and thankfully we have finally been recognized as one of the best locations in which to eat within not only the state of Michigan, but the world.

This particular second-place finish is not for any specific restaurant, but for the city as a whole, which can be exponentially more difficult, and comes down to the city of Grand Rapids dedication to sourcing local and fresh ingredients. Though the entire farm-to-table movement may be gaining traction across the country, citizens of Grand Rapids have been enjoying this particular approach to food for many years. We believe that it’s this dedication to providing residents and visitors with the highest quality food no matter the establishment, that has led to this particular recognition.

The category in which Grand Rapids has received its #2 placement is in Best Food/Beverage Destination Experience. The implications that this particular victory has provided to the city of Grand Rapids is not to be understated, hundreds of thousands of people across the world pay attention to these particular lists, and to see our city ranked so highly amidst some of the most well-known food cities in the world, is nothing to be looked at lately. Though we have long understood that Grand Rapids is one of the best places to get the best food, now we have a platform on which the entire world can understand as well.

This provides the city with exponential possibility when it comes to the growth of the food industry, which can make marked improvements across Grand Rapids. Being on reputable lists such as this not only brings notice of those looking for a great food experience, but also chefs from around the world looking for locations in which to set up future businesses. The capability to bring in worldwide talent, and to expand on the wealth that our culinary scene offers the state of Michigan is something that we truly look forward to experiencing in the future.

Whether you’re a resident in the city, a visitor from another state or even another country, we have long been proud supporters of the various restaurants in our area and now you have the capability to truly experience first-hand some of the locations that we are known for. If you’ve come into the city for other reasons, or do to this particular recognition, there’s no better chance than now to get out there and experience the variety of food offerings that the Grand Rapids area has been providing over the course of many years. See what all the fuss is about at almost any offering across the city.