We believe that Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the best places in the world to live and to visit and endeavor to provide both those within the city and those looking to visit with the information necessary to be able to enjoy all that our city has to offer.

This means providing individuals with both local news, and display of some of the finer or more hidden locations to check out while in Grand Rapids.

Whether you are a resident looking to find something new and interesting to do over the course of the weekend, or simply need to get up to speed on the goings-on across the city, we look to be that source of information and to provide you with an accurate representation of the city of Grand Rapids.

In order to do this effectively, we work closely with many businesses across the city, bringing a fair and accurate representation of what the various businesses have to offer and look to provide you with the same. If you have a local area business that is looking to get a little more visibility or to draw in more of the tourism crowd, then reaching out to our review specialist will provide you with the means to get the word out and to provide more visibility to more Grand Rapids area business owners. We bring fair reviews to businesses of all types in order to drum up more local interest and more interest in those visitors who are looking to enjoy what’s being offered locally.

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